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Flashing Lights finds Kanye joined by neo-soul crooner Dwele

The song is catchy and will definitely anyone moving an individual listen to it. Dwele might 't be the most well-known neo-soul singer, but he may be featured prominently on yeezy boost 350 projects including Common's Finding Forever. Yeah. Any particular. That one, I was just in the studio with Dre in which he told me to come in. He was just playing the beat and he told me to go ahead. So I wrote when he liked it and we made it that nights. It was [amazing]. Taylor Swift will perform at every major awards show that invites guitar players. She'll also write a heartfelt, schmoopy song about former flame Taylor Lautner. It'll be so sweet and meaningful that Lautner will call and beg her to be able to him back after hearing it on his or her radio responsible for. She won't do it, though, because she'll connection with Julianne Hough's ex and fellow country crooner hottie Chuck Wicks. Julianne? She'll make a triumphant get back Dancing the brand new Stars, finishing in finest three at the conclusion for this Spring occasion.